Wednesday, January 26, 2011


For all those who are wanting to pick my brain on how I made the bag for my Ashford Traveler...when I get it back or get a chance to take more pics, I will.

Also, I am selling my Woolie Winder for my Ashford Traveler Double Drive, too. This is what the website says........

This WooLee Winder fits the double drive Traditional, Traveler, Elizabeth, or any Kiwi. The whorl that came with your wheel is used with the WooLee Winder, so the ratios remain the same. The wood can be ordered unfinished or finished.
The Woolie Winder is unfinished and has 3 bobbins with it. I am wanting $215 for it. That includes shipping.
I plan on buying one for my new Sonata.


Delighted Hands said...


Zonda said...

Count me in as one who wants to see more pictures of your awesome bag. Love that fabric :)

Wished I could buy your Woolee winder :(

tishknits33 said...

I am very interested. I could possible pick it up tonight.
Can you email me?

tishmcallister at