Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ahhhhh, vacation knitting planning

Nothing makes me more ecstatic than to plan knitting for vacation or a trip. Whether it is short road trip knitting or long road trip knitting—I love planning it. I know you may be thinking that it is too soon to be planning for a trip that may be a couple of months away, but I love the anticipation! What better way to anticipate rest and relaxation than planning your knitting ahead of time.
For me, it is a long and fun process--
How many projects can I take (better too many than not enough)?
How much yarn can I pack (if you are flying somewhere, it makes a big difference--if you are going by vehicle, you can take the kitchen sink)?
What kind of project do I want to knit?
Is an intricate pattern going to be too much?
Will this project relax me (or will I throw it overboard and cry because that was the only project I brought)?
Which set of needles do I need to bring?
Which set of needles will be less likely to be confiscated as lethal weapons?
How many hours am I going to get to knit?
What knitting would make my vacation more of a vacation?
See what I mean? It is NEVER too early to plan vacation knitting.
I am at the planning stage for vacation knitting. I am not sure how much knitting time I will have, but I cannot be unprepared.  I am leaning heavily on an easy lace shawl in sock weight yarn.
Lace knitting is perfect for vacation knitting, especially if your packing is restricted. You can take a lot of yardage in a really small ball of yarn and you have a great choice of fiber options. 

I always treat myself to some really luscious yarn, like the yummy Schaefer Trenna or the irresistible Handmaiden Sea Silk or LittleKnits Indie III, as part of my vacation.  I pick something that I would not normally splurge on and I make that the beginning of my vacation preparation. 
For this trip, I am leaning toward knitting up a couple of new patterns that I am working on. 
What about you? Have you seen my pattern “Simply Pi” or my pattern "Piece of Pi", both are free downloads on Ravelry. You will love the simple ease and elegance of these designs. 
"Simply Pi" is done in the round, it is all knit stitch. The only pattern stitch that it has is on the last 48 rows and 24 of those are just “knit around”. The pattern does give you the option of using some size 8 seed beads on the last 48 rows, but beads are optional. If you get to the last 48 rows and decide that you have changed your mind and want beads, just thread them onto the other end of your yarn. 
Or then, you may just want a simple shawlette. Let me recommend Ladawan. It is a lovely little shawl that is so easy to knit and it only takes 450 yards of yarn.  Or try a new technique, such as short rows, and knit my Eyre of Romance Shawl. It only takes 450-500 yards of worsted weight. 

One of my favorite things about vacation knitting are the memories. The knitting that I do on vacation becomes a part of the pleasant memory of that trip for me. I’m one of those weird people who can tell you exactly what trip I was on when I knitted a certain project or design. Each time I wear it, that vacation/event/trip and the wonderful time I had plays for me again……..ahhhhhhh vacation knitting……
Now, get out there and start planning that vacation knitting!!!


Francey said...

Hi, Kay! This is s great blog, it is fun to look at all of your amazing patterns. It was great getting to chat on Sunday night at care group; we look forward to spending more time with all of you! I hope you have a ton of fun on vacation, knitting and being with your men!

PJ said...

i know your KY knitting always reminds you of ME, LOL

Delighted Hands said...

I always pack my knitting first-always more than one project just in case....! I also like to buy yarn when on vacation for souveniours-having and then knitting it is twice wonderful! Have a very inspirational vacation!