Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lovely family time this weekend

Well, we took a few day off and went to Branson last weekend. Talked the lad into going with his ole mom and dad. It was nice to get away for a few days. Branson holds so many wonderful memories of family vacations. Of course, Kid's Fest was going on at SDC and we are just not at that stage in our lives. But the dog show was wonderful and the high wire act was good, too. We did that Friday and on Saturday we did Springfield. The boys took me by the quilt store at Ozark. I got a new quilt book, that I will try out on one of my great nieces for Christmas.

Then they dropped me off at another quilt store in Springfield while they went to a coffee shop. I got to talk to one of sales people about the quilting machine that they had to offer. Not sure I want to go the route that they showed me. Still saving money for one, though. Got a long way to go.
Then we went to the Bass Pro Shop. The boys shopped while I sat, knitted and people watched.
We went to this pizza place in Reed Springs that was great. I got the Reed Springs Special. It was garlic, cheese and fresh basil.

They had a farmer's market in the lot beside it and I could not resist this mug. Coffee tastes so much better (if that is possible) in hand made pottery.

I took 6 knitting projects with me on this trip. You don't want me to run out of knitting on vacation. I took a reknit of my Intrigued Shawl. I planned on knitting it to the part where I started the beaded edging. I got it to that point and picked up the next project. The next one that I picked up was a lovely green bamboo lace weight shawl that is called Lyra's Song. I got it to the bead part too. The next project was a pair of cotton footsies for Grace, Ben's girlfriend. Finished those and then picked up the ribbing for a Keyhole Wrap that I am doing in a Houndstooth pattern. It was 12" of lovely mindless K2, P2 ribbing. Got that done, too.
In between those, I was working on a really lovely cardigan called Vitamin D. Love this cardigan. I only brought 2 balls of yarn for that. I knew that all the other projects would be ignore if I brought more yarn for it. I ran out of yarn on that one.
The boys took me to the yarn store in Springfield. I found some lovely Evilla Preyarn. People actually knit with this stuff and that is wild. I am spinning it into lace yarn. I bought Cindy some of it, too. She came over on Monday night and we had a little spinning session. She is going to knit with her preyarn, I will see how it does spun up and make a decision on the other colors that I got.
This week, I have given in to the quilting bug. I am working on a quilt for someone special. It is a rather straight forward quilt, nice and manly. After the lovely pink one, it is rather dull, but it is a down-to-earth kind of quilt, just like the person it is meant for.
My Bradford Pear tree stump is gone now. Park Hill Baptist rented a Bobcat to remove the stumps of all the trees that they lost in the storm and kindly removed ours. We are going to have to lay sod, but all that grass was just weeds. We needed some sod, it just gives us a good excuse now and the old grass/weeds are already removed.

I lack 36 blocks on my Entrlac Bradford Leaf Throw. I need to get back on that, but have had many other project that are keeping me distracted.


Delighted Hands said...

You have some good projects on your queue right now...perfect summer knits!

SSK* said...

Love the mug! I like mugs that are a little 'fat' on the bottom. They are perfect for warming my hands in winter.

boo4baby said...

You are one busy woman! And I agree about handmade pottery. Everything is better handmade, right? Miss seeing you.