Monday, October 8, 2012

Seattle In September

Seattle......that is where we went to celebrate out 30 years of marriage. It is hard to describe our trip there.
Always wanted to go there, so lovely to have done so.
I am going to break my blog posts down into Day #1 through Day #7 and give you a little taste of our trip for a few posts. I have to do it that way, I took over 800 pictures and each day was just crammed with lovely times, experiences, knitting, coffee, yarn and discoveries that I really want to share with you.
Even then, I can only hit the high spots. So here goes......
Day #1
Mount Rainer from the plane window, flying into Seattle. I am not a fan of flying. This part of the trip was the most scary for me. I kept thinking, when I was looking out the window of the plane, that man is not suppose to be this high above the clouds. That being said, the Rocky Mountains are absolutely gorgeous from this vantage point. Still not a fan of flying! 
Our very first glimpse of the Seattle skyline.
Our very first glimpse of the Space Needle!

Our very first glimpse of Pike's Market!
Michael at the first Starbucks at Pike's Market.

Getting a cup of Starbucks!

Seattle time is 2 hours behind AR time, so we stayed on AR time and got up every morning at 5:00 AM (7:00 AM Ark time). So glad that we did. Got so much packed into the days and did not have an adjustment when we came home. Seattle does not rise early. We were some of the first non-workers at the Market every morning that we went. All these ledges to the right will be filled with vendors as the day progresses. 

Me in front of the famous sign, drinking a cup of Starbucks!

These are the fish throwing guys that you can see on Youtube, getting ready for the day. 

Every type of lovely seafood! I so wanted to have a kitchen to cook in!


So many fresh fruits and veggies!

Beecher's handmade cheeses.

One of my favorites! Wonderful pastries that were works of art.
One of them working their magic!

This was Yori. He had me try smoked salmon and changed my mind about liking it. 
So much color.
Even the veggies were beautiful!
Then for lunch, I met up with some friends, (Vicki and Deb). I had never met either, in person. Vicki and I have been email buddies for about 4 years. She contacted me after I won the Little Knits design contest with my Ozark Autumn entry back in 2008. We have been email buddies ever since. She is great about letting me talk her into knitting another of my designs. Deb is one of her friends that I have heard about for a while and it was great to get to meet her, too. 

Vicki, Deb and me. Getting ready to go to Little Knits and buy some yarn!

Little Knits. My first time to shop there in person and not online!

Finally got to meet Fulay, the owner of Little Knits. I have talked with her many times on the phone. 

Afterward, Vicki took us to some of the local sites that we would have missed. This is the Hiram S. Chittenden Locks and Botanical Gardens. 
Not sure what kind of flower this was, but was so lovely, I had to take a picture of it. 

I loved the roots of these trees. 

These are the tunnels that the fish swim through to get to the other side of the Lock.

Then Vicki took us to a marina. These trees were that lovely mustardy yellow that my Ben loves. I  took this picture for him. 

Then we had a dinner of fish and chips on the dock at Ivars. 

Then Vicki took us to see the Freemont Bridge Troll. He is HUGE! Definitely not what I was expecting when she said she was taking us to see the Troll under the Freemont Bridge. So cool, though! 
Yes, that is a real VW Bug in his hand!

This was Michael's breakfast at the Pike's Market early this morning, Beecher's homemade mac n cheese. It was really, really good. 

Here I am taking a knitting/coffee break that morning. This is right outside of Seattle Best Coffee. I am working on one of the projects that I brought with me. It is another Entrelac Shawl. This one is made in 3 colors of sock weight Peruvian wool. You can't tell, but it has a lace leaf pattern in the center tier. 

Here it is blocked. I love having special knitting on special trips. Every time that I wear this shawl, I will relive the special memories of this once in a lifetime trip with my Michael.
That is it for today. I will do Day #2 later this week.


Delighted Hands said...

Thank you for the tour of Day 1--very nice to see what Seattle looks like-I fly in and then head south to the DesMoines area for my son and family so didn't see any of this! Your shawl is a beautiful souvenior!

boo4baby said...

Love, love, love this post! You made me miss my Seattle family and their beautiful city! Can't wait till your next post.